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Enjoy an amazing cooperative adventure game It Takes Two! And if you are experiencing difficulties with the local bosses, we have a cool guide on how to defeat them all easily. Here, you will find all the secrets of winning the superiority over monsters. Read on and no boss will become an obstacle on your way to victory and recovered love relationships! The problem with the bosses in the game is simple – they are not that hard to beat, if you know the way to do that. Figuring out the principles is the key, so after reading this, you will defeat them in the most optimal and simple way. Here we go.
The first boss you meet in the game is a huge Vacuum Cleaner. This guy is defeated with fire the canisters, but you should be careful. Make sure to move around the platforms and avoid the deadly strikes. The platform is the hose attached to its bottom and top. One player should hop on the bottom and suck the canisters, while the second – stand on the top platform to throw those canisters into the boss. The second fellow on your way is Toolbox. It will start striking you with nails and swing the arm from one side to another. You need to jump on that arm and control the boss, throwing the nails into him. One of you needs to aim the wooden pieces and the second – swing up to the platform next to the Toolbox. You will then hit it with a hammer until it breaks. At the second phase, you need to survive the first attacks and wait until the boss brings his arm out. Pin it down and break the lock to make the arm fall off. When the boss places the arm on the right side, one of you should stand on it and the second – hit other arm to launch the first player into the air. Being in the air, it is important to hit the can and make it break.
The next boss is Shield Swamp. Dodge to the side when the Swamp is charging and use sap gun to entrap it. Then ignite it with matches. Repeat this move for a couple of times and the boss will be defeated. Mortar Wasp is your next enemy. It will fly over your heads and drop the bombs. Just like you did with the previous boss, you need to use a sap gun and catch it, then shoot the match. Such actions will kill the enemy after you repeat them for a number of times. The other bosses are defeated using pretty much similar principles, so cooperate and win!

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