For Two

One of the best games for two, It Takes Two, will bring you to the fantastic world, where the real-life problems are solved in the mysterious fantastic environment. The game should be played in a pair with your buddy – this is the only way to walk through and deal with all the in-game tasks. The characters of this story are May and Cody, a couple willing to divorce. They used to live together with their daughter as a family, but at some point, everything started ruining and our heroes were frightened by the difficulties. As they couldn’t deal with the hardships of the family life, the magic happened. They cannot work things out talking to each other and trying to fix the breaking family, so they now they will become dolls in the mysterious world of alive objects. Their difficulties will appear right in front of them in different forms – objects of their home, toys, clothes, small animals from the park, and more. And now they have no choice but to fight them. The only way to do that and win is staying together and working as a single mechanism.
Deal with numerous tasks, beat the bosses down, and find your way to the grand solution – healing the family and coming back to life. The hard waiting is waiting for Cody and May. They are going to meet bosses and work out to combine their best abilities in order to defeat them and stay alive. When the obstacles arise and the puzzles need to be solved, our heroes will have to deal with them together, applying the best they have. One of you will play for May and the other – for Cody. The characters will become smarter, more skillful, and pretty unusual in the course of the game, so many surprises are waiting for you here.

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