It Takes Two 2

Welcome to the It Takes Two 2! This one is a pretty unique game, where you will witness the continuation of a love story. When you first meet the characters, they were experiencing a crisis in their relationships. The magical power appeared in their lives and forced them to change things and recall the important fact – they cannot live without one another. All the complications can be successfully passed only when you know how to do that together. In the second part of the game, you will have to deal with numerous unusual challenges – new and surprising. The process is extremely dynamic and there are new puzzles to tackle with, as well as numerous ways to deal with them.
You will definitely enjoy the dynamic playing process that is very lively and based on the relationships between two main characters. The obstacles on your way are diverse, from a crazy vacuum cleaner to squirrels that bounce all around you. Each new obstacle you overcome gives you some new skills and brings a real ocean of plot twists, interesting situations, and incredible gameplay. The game is something like an interactive novel based on the story entirely, while all the other elements interconnect to support the main plot and make it develop further and further. There are so many things to find out about yourself and relationships between people! The bright cocktail and incredible adventures are waiting for you here, so be ready for everything and enjoy the game. Meet Cody and May, the main heroes, closer – we bet that you will like this sweet couple and eagerly help them to unite and become a pair again. They are charming, so it is impossible to stay indifferent to their life situation and the fantastic turn it takes. Have fun and enjoy the great game, where the adventures never end and the puzzles always keep you lightened up!

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