It Takes Two Elephant

In the game It Takes Two, the characters need to cooperate and solve numerous tasks together. As they are under a strange spell that turned them into dolls, the world around is also under the spell. So they have to deal with numerous objects that come to life around the house. Of course, some of them become the bosses in the game and these are mostly the precious or somehow valuable things from their lives. One of such objects is Cutie the Elephant. This is the most favorite toy of their child, a stuffed elephant. During the game, they realize that the only way to break the spell and bring things to normal is making their daughter cry about them. To do this, characters decide to kill that doll. This logic might be pretty strange, but you are in the world of fantasies, so why not?
Like many objects in the house and the main characters themselves, Cutie is an alive toy now. When the characters reach her, she starts crying and begging for her life. She cannot understand what’s happening and feels panic. The couple takes the elephant to the cliff ready to throw her down and kill her. Cutie is crying and even loses one of her ears in that mad drag. She says that Rose, their daughter, love her and the couple shouldn’t do harm to her. She is nearly kicked to death and has no idea why. This is a really heart-breaking scene, because the reasons for the couple to kill the elephant are unclear. There are no explanations why did they decide to end the story like that and what are the guarantees that someone’s death will save their family. The scene shows that our choices are sometimes irrational and we blame the outer world for our failures. However, we should look at ourselves instead of doing that. The game is a bit childish and includes funny and plain scenes like that to grab kids’ attention to explain them parents’ behavior in crisis. The game shows that the adults are not omnipotent. At the same time, the ending looks like a miracle – something that happened itself and rewarded all the participants that made a long and complicated way.

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