It Takes Two for PC

The full PC version of It Takes Two is yours now! No need to download or pay for the game anymore – you can play it online right here and right now. Have you already heard of this masterpiece? We bet that you will get excited by the incredible world the game has to offer. This is the story that brings the gaming world to the new level – a truly deep and interesting cooperative title, full of puzzles and challenges. You will be amazed by the cocktail of genres that is present in this cool game. It includes everything from puzzle-solving and adventures to RPG. The game has unusual mechanics – you and your partner will have to invent numerous crazy ways to make your forward, deal with the bosses, and craft items that will help you stand against the dangers of the outer world. Be smart and solve the puzzles as a cool team! You can do that!
The controls of the game are relatively simple. From the first sight, you have two main commands – you dash and you bounce. At the same time, these moves become incredibly diverse as you start playing. It turns out that you can dash and jump in so many ways that your head will get dizzy. The skills will develop and you will get news in the course of the game – all of them are necessary for Cody and May to move forward and win. You will see how characters grow in both terms – as puzzle-solver and as people trying to understand each other. The mixture of adventure and spirituality, acceptance and hardships, is waiting for you in It Takes Two for PC. Each new chapter transforms the characters, make them better and different from what they were, which makes the game super-diverse. You will progress and experience changes all the time. If you think that such a concept is something you can find in almost every game, then we must mention – your transformations are not fixed and heavily depend on the choices you make and ways you deal with the in-game puzzles. The characters invent unusual and fresh solutions, find the unexpected hints, and surprise you on every step you make! Have fun with May and Cody!

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