It Takes Two – Friend’s Pass

Hey, call your friend and enjoy the great game It Takes Two with this great Friend Pass! To play it together, your buddy should have the game launched on his PC and you can share the incredible experience and have fun! Guess what? This is absolutely free to enjoy! And we bet that you have been waiting for the opportunity to immerse into a fairy-tale adventure of It Takes Two, find out more about human relationships, real love, and friendship. We welcome you to join the game right now and have fun together! Remember that everything you do in the game depends on the way your coordinate your actions with the partner. Think about each of your moves and define which roles you will play in the actions.
Maybe, the best thing of the game is the way it combines the gameplay elements and features with the plot. Each level is aimed at solving a trouble in the outer and inner world of the characters. Not only they are here to deal with the monsters all around them, but also the monsters that live in their souls. Starting as a pretty distanced and cold couple, they will gradually become closer and recall the main thing in their life – family is everything and all troubles can be solved, only if you want to do that. Together with tiny heroes, you will deal with numerous obstacles, beat the bosses, find the best way to cooperate and walk further, and open up some new skills and abilities. Also, you will develop those you already have – but the transformation is dependent on the decisions and you make and risks you take. Have fun and don’t be afraid of anything – neither family quarrels, nor crazy huge vacuum cleaners.

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