It Takes Two PS4

If you have been looking for a really unusual and bright adventure game, then we are happy to present It Takes Two, an incredible story of the couple. The game is truly innovative in terms of plot and gameplay – we bet that you will hardly find anything similar to it. This is the most cooperative entertainment ever, where the gamers appear in the magical world of alive objects, being two dolls. A minute ago, these dolls used to be a pair of people – the parents in a family that gradually crushes. The catastrophe of their family made them make a sad decision – they need to divorce. And right at that moment, they suddenly turn into small wooden dolls and the world around them comes to live. Something mysterious and interesting is waiting for ahead…
The game is perfect to play with a friend, who want to experience the miracles of communication and mutual help. All the puzzles have the aim and you can only reach the solution if you know how to apply your skills and special objects each character owns. For example, the female character May has matches and she is a really great burner. At the same time, Cody, the male character, has a sap gun and he can entrap the enemies. These actions can be successfully combines to defeat bosses and win. The game is something unique on the market and literally – a breath of fresh air for everyone looking for a new and interesting entertainment to join. Together with your friend, you will learn to tackle numerous challenges, get excited by unbelievable plot twists, and have fun understanding each other better. Write the real story of love and enjoy the greatest adventure in your life – we are pretty sure that you will like it. This is really the best cooperative title among all the existing ones.

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