It Takes Two Steam

We know that you like playing games online and for free. Right you are! In the era of Internet and free-access content, this must be the best option for anyone. And you will find the Steam version of It Takes Two here, but you don’t even need to download the game or pay a single dollar – just launch it pressing the Play button and enjoy. Numerous thrilling levels are ahead and you will definitely get excited by the variety of interesting puzzles, unusual locations, and bright bosses to deal with. Are you ready for the most incredible and heart-touching adventure in your life? Then play now!
The game depicts the tragic story of a family. There are two parents and a child. May and Cody, the adults, are on the edge – they decided to divorce. Their daughter Rosie is upset and it seems like the family is in the dead-end. When something like this happens, only magic and miracle can help. And this is exactly what occurs in the game! By some kind of a spell, the entire world, including May and Cody, turn into childish toys. The objects in their house come to life and what is more – become pretty hostile towards our heroes. They will have to fight them together, like a real team, and walk through numerous puzzles to recover their family and get back to normal life. Will you help them?

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