It Takes Two Update

The updated version of It Takes Two will impress all the fans! Now the game mechanics and controls are expanded, the graphics are more high-quality, and new skills are available. Get ready to immerse yourself in the real fairy tale, a great story of the family that strives for unification. At the moment you meet them, Cody and May, the married couple, are having hard times. Due to the difficulties between them, they decided to break up. Their daughter Rose is frustrated and she decides to craft two dolls of mom and dad. This way, she looks for an opportunity to get through the troubles and somehow influence the course of the drama. However, the unexpected thing happens – one day, May and Cody find themselves in the bodies of those dolls.
Now they are small, vulnerable, and what is more – appear in a really fantastic environment. The world around changes a lot and now the habitual things become deadly dangerous. For example, a bee looks like a giant dragon and wants to kill them. The toolbox turns into a monster with long hands and it strikes nails! The characters realize that they have no other chance but to come together, unite their skills and strengths, to get through this strange story. Even though there are risky levels and game events, the overall atmosphere is bright, funny, and pretty soft. Sometimes, characters come up with ridiculous but surprisingly efficient ideas, sometimes – the real wonders happen and help them move further. With time, they will start valuing their connection together and find the way to recreate the family and start it all over again. Join them and help!

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