It Takes Two

This game is a perfect entertainment for two players, as you have already understood from its name. Not only you will have fun playing it, but also – learn a lot of things about people, communication, and interactions. The game is deep and bright – it shows how valuable our bonds with other people are. Call your friend and encourage him/her to join a great adventure, where you will have to deal with numerous obstacles together. There are challenges on your way, tricky and hard to overcome, but working as a team, you will definitely find your way to the final destination. The game plot is centered around the couple – they are divorced recently. Both have been working through something difficult in their lives, but at some moment miracle happened. They are May and Cody, people who turned into dolls with some kind of a magical spell. Together, they appear in the fairy-tale world, where the dangers are waiting for them around every corner. Saving their lives, they become a team. And, naturally, they will need to revive the relationships they used to have and see them from a new angle.
During every new level, you will have to master new skills and way to interact with the environment. The characters have various abilities and they are interconnected. This means that only as you act in a team, you can deal with the problems on your way. While the way is filled with unexpected difficulties, which are also pretty interesting and enjoyable to tackle. For example, you will meet squirrels – pretty evil ones! Fight them and make them leave. Also, you can fly on the pants around the area – what a great plane! Become DJ in the night club and play some fancy music. Or else – ride on your sledges on the magical Christmas ball. The story is so heart-warming and funny that you won’t stay indifferent. The playing process and the plot are two layers of one story and they interplay just perfectly. Great impressions and emotions are absolutely guaranteed.
Walking through the life difficulties – It Takes Two, indeed. The game is a journey to a wonderland, where you will find out the main thing in life – it is better to be together. The game can be played by two players only and there is no solo-regime, and no puzzles can be solved on your own. You always need to find the way to combine your best skills and find how to apply them to get through. You can play the game on one screen divided into two parts. Have fun in the game and find out how beautiful the cooperating relationships can be!

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6 Stars
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