It Takes Two Game Play Online For Free

There are not so many video games for two players only and we cannot name at least a couple you should play. And that’s a pity, because cooperating with your partner in the real time and trying to solve puzzles together is a really interesting experience. The process becomes even more exciting if the characters have different skills and arsenals of objects/weapons. We are glad to present It Takes Two, the game that will blow your mind! This is a great title where two players will join the game simultaneously and deal with the issues on the divided screen. The main thing in this incredible story is that you and your playing partner can only deal with the difficulties if you act together.

The plot of the game is intriguing. There is a married couple – Cody and May. They decide to divorce, but their daughter Rose accidentally puts a spell on them. She creates two dolls that represent her parents and at some moment, Cody and May literally turn into these dolls and come to life. At the beginning of the story, they meet a magical book that can speak. The book tells them that they will stay the way they are and won’t come back to the normal life until all of their family problems are solved. The characters are not very excited about this idea and hardly want to cooperate with each other. The book leads them around their flat and shows it from a very new angle. The objects are now larger and stranger. For example, the old closet turns into a huge labyrinth, the Christmas ball turns into a huge wintery village, and the toy railway becomes a real one, riding through numerous cities and mountains. The game turns habitual everyday objects in decorations, challenges, and cute small things that are pleasant to interact with.
During the game, you will have to get through numerous exciting challenges and tasks. Each of the characters will receive new skills – unique and different from the other player. For example, in the garden, May has a watering pot and her husband can turn himself into a flower. May can walk on the walls and Cody can become larger or smaller. Each level offers new tasks, abilities, and mechanics. So you will never get bored playing the amazing It Takes Two game. As such, we bet that you will pass the game till the very last level, because all of them are different and you will be excited to find out what is waiting for you next. The process is engaging and you will want to see what is happening next all the time. Get into the game and discover numerous unusual and unexpected things – they are always somewhere near!

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